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Replace a scratched or broken screen in your device.


Replace power adapter, cable or even button to fix unresponsive power in your device.


Give life to your device by replacing a dead or damaged battery.

Computer Memory

Replace faulty RAM or just upgrade to boost your system performance without having to upgrade your processor.


Replace faulty Rear or Selfie camera to fix problem with sensor, focusing or blank image.

Storage Drives

Add or replace storage drive such as SSD, HDD, DVD-ROM, SD-Card, etc if you need more storage space or your computer can't load an OS such as Windows.

Digitizer (Touchscreen)

Replace damaged, broken or unresponsive touchscreen on your device.

Device Buttons

Replace damaged or scratched button and even torn cable connecting the internal audio control switch to fix unresponsive volume or mute button.

Charging Port

Fix connectivity & charging problems by replacing a faulty, dirty or malfunctioning charging port.


Replace faulty or unresponsive keyboard for your device.


Fix connectivity issues to Wi-Fi devices by replacing a damaged or missing Wifi in your device.


Bring your device back to life by replacing a malfunctioning or dead motherboard in your device.

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